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Life is adventure, whether going across oceans or across town, and the spirit is quickened with the discovery of new vistas, new people, and new things to learn about.


Nubble Lighthouse, Ogunquit, Maine

The lighthouse sits perched on an island of rock just a few hundred yards from Ogunquit's shore.  To resupply, the keeper must launch a boat and row or motor to the mainland.  Stark white, with dark green trim, the lighthouse evokes an austere and proper image of New England.  
Nubble Lighthouse


Maple Lane Farm Sunrise Maple Lane Farm Sunrise

On a brisk winter's morning the fields of this old New Hampshire farm lie deep in shadow.  And slowly, starting in the east, the skies begin to lighten, and then to glow with the rose-colored tints of a new dawn.


Summit of Mount Kearsarge

On a clear day, looking to the north, you can see all the way to the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, and Mount Washington beyond.  Like a giant surveying the Lilliputian landscape before you, the miniature farms and fields and lakes roll out before you in a carpet of green and gold.
Mount Kearsarge Summit


Cilleyville Covered Bridge Covered Bridge

The Cilleyville bridge in Andover, New Hampshire was built in 1887 for slightly more than $500, to span local Pleasant Brook.  Today it is a treasure, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, where visitors can walk from one side to the other, hearing their footsteps echo from the wooden beams around and above them, or stand at the windows and watch the timeless passing of the stream below them.


A Door in New Castle

Newcastle, New Hampshire, chartered in 1679, began as a fishing village, and still contains many homes dating to pre-Revolutionary times.  Most have been colorfully restored and preserved, and make for a pleasant afternoon of ambling through the neighborhood admiring the craftsmanship of our Colonial forebearers.
New England Door


Boathouse on Lake Sunapee Boathouse on Lake Sunapee

Boathouses still play a functional role on Lake Sunapee, protecting water craft from the ice and storms of winter so that their owners can enjoy leisurely, fun-filled days throughout the summer.  Many have living quarters in their second stories, and the boardwalks and piers around them allow for fishing and diving into the lake.


Tracy Farm

A large New Hampshire barn survives intact at Tracy Farm in New London, New Hampshire.
Tracy Farm


New England:  Kirk Ramsey Watercolors
Copyright 2010 Kirk S. Ramsey
Last modified: March 11, 2016