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Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink
with Washes


These images were drawn just for fun and practice.


Duck on a Box Duck On A Box

This whimsical duck would make any object look cheerful.  The drawing was rendered in a "fine-point" style to bring out the wood grain of this Shaker box.

Original:  9x11, Graphite


Bronze ibex-shaped cheekpiece (from a horse's bridle bit).
Iran, Luristan, ca. 700 B.C.

The original bit was excavated intact, and is a part of the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The bit itself fit into the round hole and was about an inch in diameter, with the cheek pieces each being about five inches tall.  

Original:   9x11, Graphite


Antique Coin Bank Antique Coin Bank

I remember this coin bank from my childhood, when it sat on my grandmother's bookcase.  The bank took nickels, dimes and quarters.

To make a deposit, you placed your coin in the slot and pulled the lever on the right all the way down.  The coin dropped in, and the window counters showed the new total.  Once ten dollars was saved, the bank could be opened by pushing the lever on the left.

Original:  9x11, Graphite


Cambodia, 921-945 A.D.

This monkey man image was carved in buff-colored sandstone in what is known as the Koh Ker style.  The statue stands about four feet tall, and is a part of the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Original:  9x11, Graphite
Monkey Man


Opium weight, Burma Opium Weight

Cast in bronze, this diminutive one and a half inch tall temple dog exudes an air of adventure and mystery.  It is heavy to hold in your hand, and is used, or so I was told, to weigh opium in the marketplaces of Burma.

Original 5x7, Graphite


Key Ring

Drawn as part of an in-class art assignment, I pulled out my key ring and created this detail drawing of what I carried at that time - almost photographic.  I wouldn't be surprised if one could cut a new key using this image, insert it into the lock, and open the door with it!

Original:  5x7, Graphite
Keys and ring


Teddy Bears Teddy Bear Family

Three cuddly teddy bears welcome you into their family.  This "still life" group was part of a drawing exercise intended to emphasize the textural surfaces of the objects rendered.

Original 9x11, Graphite


Cuyahoga River Bridge

Cleveland, Ohio has such a wide variety of bridges, it might be called the "City of Bridges".  This lift bridge, built slightly "off-horizontal", rises horizontally to make way for iron ore ships navigating from Lake Erie to steel mills upstream.  This quick sketch was intended to decorate the bottom edge of personal stationary. 

Original:  3x9, Graphite
Cuyahoga River Bridge


Miscellaneous:  The Pencil Art of Kirk Ramsey
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Last modified: March 12, 2016